Monday, July 20, 2015

App of the Week: Google Hangouts

March 27, 2015
A few teachers recently had the opportunity to attended the Spring Google Summit.  We were excited to learn about Google Hangouts and the many possibilities for integration into our schools/classrooms.  
Would you like to learn more about Google Hangouts? If you'd like to sit down and learn, explore, and brainstorm together with Theresa at 12:30 or Kiley at 2pm today, please let us know!  We will gather in the building with the most staff interest.  
If you cannot attend today, but would like to setup a one-on-one exploration/brainstorm session with Theresa or I, please contact us by email at anytime.  Additionally, if you want to explore this resource on your own, here is a help page and a fellow educator's presentation.
Hope to 'hangout' with you today!