Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Learning More About GAFE - Summer Technology Academy 2016

Today I had the opportunity to lead 10 teachers through a self-guided learning and creating adventure with various GAFE tools.  I curated multiple learning resources to give our teachers a variety of learning options.  I was so impressed with their work ethic and excitement, it truly was contagious!  I really am looking forward to our year of teaching and learning with technology! 

This Google Doc of resources is organized as a table; I provide this to guide their learning and exploration time.  For this training opportunity, we used the first hour to learn (20 minutes) and explore (another 20 minutes) three tools of choice. The 20-minute intervals proved to be enough time to get interested in a tool without feeling too overwhelmed to move onto another tool. The final hour of professional development was set aside to create a goal and implementation/lesson plan utilizing one of the tools they learned about and reviewed.

I plan to use this curated list of resources as the year progresses to revisit and deepen our team's use of effective technology while teaching and learning.

Learning About New GAFE Tools
Here is some feedback from today's professional development session:
  • "This was fantastic and a great use of time...[I] found many tools I didn't know existed!" 
  • "It was nice to find apps we are interested in and have time to practice and CREATE activities for class!" 
  • "So happy to choose what I wanted to learn. So happy to have work time!! Best learning day in a long time. Thank you!!" 
  • "Being new to the District, it was valuable to have a class that introduces me to the technology that the District uses. I enjoyed the tutorials and time allotted to explore the tools. Thank you!"
Feel free to use and share these resources and PD structure with others, but please respect the time I've invested in organizing this table by giving me credit and linking back to my blog. Thank you! -Kiley